Our Story

Founded in 2011 by Lisa Tse, Recraft was born from a desire to make memorable greeting cards that would be treasured as a keepsake. Drawing on her love for craftsmanship, Lisa combined her two favorite things– fashion and stationery to create what she calls ‘hybrid greeting cards’.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Recraft cards are made of upcycled fabric bonded with card stock from recycled paper; assembled by hand, and carefully sewn together like a well made garment. The greeting is then finely laser cut into the cards, creating a modern look. This is our way of innovating craft. 

Playing on phrases like 'P.S. I love you,' 'Kiss me,' 'Hello,' 'What’s up?' – Recraft focuses on connecting people with their love ones. From cool denim-inspired postcards to neon serged birthday cards, Recraft aims to create novel and sentimental keepsakes.

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